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Tao Te Chain

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Our podcasts is a series, explore different theme based on your interest at: Aero Wong Podcast Series.

Sanjay Sethi - The Food You Eat Today Comes From a Sustainable Agricultural Production. Don’t Take it For Granted.

Miguel Angel Peña Flores - Students Learning Faster with Project-Based-Learning and Technology in Amazonian Schools

Babs Faseesin - Sooner Better than Later: Read the Knowledge, Find Your Daymond John, and Learn by Doing

Keiland Cooper - Look Inside of the Head of a Scientist

Jeff Goins - The Second Season of Life, Come Back, and the Truth of Best Sellers

Tim Chan - From UXwanabe to UX Professional, and the Art of Origami

Limor Bergman - The Power to Thrive in Career, You Can Have it Too

Rayson Choo - He's the Ray of Hope. Who are You?

Tom Basey - A InsurTech Talk, from Corporate America in I.T. to Independent Insurance Broker, and Why Austin Texas is a Great Place to Live and Work

Liam Naden - Stop Your Divorce. Save Your Marriage.

Siddharth Srivastava - To Land a Job You Love is Easy,
You Just Need to Embark on a Learning Journey that Will Take You to the Dream Job

Kevin Palmieri - Never Quit Kid, Your Next Level is Few Steps Away

William D. Frazier - "I'm Chosen by China," He said. And Why You Need to Let Go of the Preconceptions about China.

Vicki Saunders - The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals = The World's To-Do List

Brenden Kumarasamy - I believe the next Elon Musk is a 7 year old girl who can't afford a communication coach, it's my duty to help her succeed.

Sini Ninkovic - Leaving Apple as a Program Manager, The 10-Day Silent Meditation Retreat, and Digital Habit Formation

Sam Kamani - Anyone Can Spin up a Game of Yours in Web3 World, as Long as You have the Game Design and Front-End Ready

Brian De Mint - Treasure Hunt BitCoin in a Book! He's Not Kidding.

Didier Borel - The Common Misconceptions of Cryptocurrencies

Tristan Pelloux - The Current State of CBDC: Central Bank Digital Currency

Simon Barker - Career Switch to Coding Sounds Difficult, but It's Doable

Julien Breteau - Accountability Partner, Friendship, and Career Changes Made Possible

Daniel Alfon - Entrepreneurs - What to Do on LinkedIn to Get Results

Natalie Chan - The Suicidal Moment Led Up to Becoming the Cartier Women Fellow, and Her 30-year Plan for an Asia-based Education Revolution

Marc Abraham - How to Start Really Small and Simple, for Aspiring Product Managers

Baro Hyun - How Esports Becomes Esports, and All the Unseen Things Happening You Don't Know

Sean Zhang - Esports is a Sport, Profession, and Business You Can Pursue as a Career Path

Siobhan Barnes - The Soulful Executive Coaching is All about Personal Development

Richmond Wong - What to Expect in Different Levels of Product Management Role

Dr. Julian Hosp - The Untold Story of Cake DeFi, after The 25 Stories I Would Tell My Younger Self

Ritesh Lal - The Rambo of Silicon Valley: Technology and Entrepreneurship are the Noble Pursuit

Launch (Jul, 2022)

Ee Ling Lim - Self-Awareness is Knowing Who You Are and What's Important to You

Will Fan - When the Word "Work" is Redefined, You Will Live a Totally Different Life

Sean Zhang - The Three Core Values in Talon Esports, to Help Navigate Your Life

Siobhan Barnes - The Truth and Gifts of Life Lie Underneath All Seasons, including Autumn and Winter

Richmond Wong - Figure Out What Your Values Are, and Live in Your Own Terms

Dr. Julian Hosp - Helping Evolution Achieves what It Programs Every Single Cell in Our Body to Do

Ritesh Lal - The Little You Inside of You, Get it Off Your Chest, to Live a Meaningful Life

Soft Launch

Entrepreneurship is the Marketing Principle. Period.

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