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It started as a blog section way back in 2013 to curate long-form articles for my own learning through self-reflection as a knowledge worker. Over time, the viewership has been growing and accumulated 100 million+ viewership and 9,000,000+ unique readers. Thereby I turned it into a column to serve people just like me - who strive to become effective executives.

WHO is an Executive?

"Every knowledge worker in modern organization is an Executive, if, by virtue of his position or knowledge, he is responsible for a contribution that materially affects the capacity of the organization to perform and to obtain result."

- Peter Drucker, author of The Effective Executive

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News from Our Chainliens

Supply Chain

The Life of a Coolie. A Must-Read for Supply Chain Professional.

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Fin Tech

Moment of Life or Death for Aero Wong LLC?! Caused By the HSBC?!

What Would Happen If Your Credit Card Doesn't Run On BLOCKCHAIN

Guides for Career Transition Into Tech

The Ultimate Career Transition Guide for Getting Job-Ready in Tech

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Product Management

Learning On the Move: 24 Product Management Podcasts

[The Product Mastery Now Podcast] Pitfalls that Can Trap New Product Managers, with Chad McAllister, PhD

[A 30-Day Article Series on Medium] Product Quest

[My Article on 100 Product Managers as a Content Manager] Three Models for Learning to Think and Act Fast as a Product Manager


The Complete Guide to Hyperledger Fabric in 2023

Set up the Blockchain Network

Deploy, invoke the Chaincode (Smart Contract), and Interact with the Network

Set up the Certificate Authority Server (Public Key Infrastructure)

Take a Detour to Become a Programmer

The Tech Skill That Landed Him a 6 - Figure Job as a First-Time Developer.

The Proven Pathway to Master JavaScript

Lessons Learned from Migrating a Blog

User Experience

The Basic Principles of UX

What is User Center Design

Personal Development

How to Ignite Your Calling Despite Your Deepest Fear

People Will Go where They can Grow

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