Learning On the Move: 24 Product Management Podcasts

Learning On the Move: 24 Product Management Podcasts

As I'm doing total immersion in the product management field, I don't only read books but also listen to the relevant podcasts to stay ahead of the market.

Not all podcasts are created equal tho.

Some of them discussing the art, craft and profession for managing products that contribute value. Some of them talking with thought leaders from Silicon Valley and beyond. Some of them studying the psychology behind a great product.

I've researched and categorized 24 podcasts into three categories as following:

  • Product Management Focused
  • Product Mindset Focused
  • Industry or Startup Focused

If you're a product people like me, you'll find the following podcasts useful.

Without further ado. Enjoy. =]

Product Management Focused

Global Product Management Talk by Cindy Solomon

This Is Product Management by Mike Fishbein

Product People by Justin Jackson

The Killer Innovations Show by Phil Mckinney

The Everyday Innovator by Chad McAllister

How I Built This by engineers, editors, inventors and visionaries

100 Product Managers by Suzanne Abate

Product: All The Responsibility by Nil Davis and Rob MacGroty

Products that Count by Sophie-CharlotteMoatti

Clearly Product by Anna Marie Clifton and Sandi MacPherson

Productish by Tim Herbig

Product Mindset Focused

Rocketship.fm by Michael Sacca and Mike Belsito

Product Hunt Radio by Ryan Hoover and Erik Torenberg

The James Altucher Show by James Altucher

Products of the Mind by David Lizerbram

The Design Your Thinking by Karthik Vijayakumar

Industry or Startup Focused

a16z by Andreessen Horowitz

This Week in Startups by Jason Calacanis

StartUp Podcast by Gimlet

The Pitch by Josh Muccio

Inside Intercom Podcast by Intercom

The Product Startup by Filip Valica

Chasing Product by Christoper Hawkins

AngelList Radio by AngelList

What podcasts do you listen to and learn from that I left off of my list? Which episodes are your favorites? Let me know on Twitter: Aero Wong or leave me a comment below.

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