My Little Story

This is the about page of One Way Ticket To the Future that originated as a dream - working with my hero Derek Sivers.

He is a musician, programmer, writer, and entrepreneur. In order to pitch him for a writer job in his company, Wood Egg, I made up this blog, brick by brick, accumulating 6 months of posts to showcase my writing skill.

A year later, I landed a job working directly with him.

Ever since that moment, this blog became my pride. I had an obsession the internet and technology were the driving force of the world.

Brick by brick, I learned to code and became a programmer.

Brick by brick, I learned tech product management and became a product manager.

I used to work as a programmer and a product manager at great companies like here, here, here, and here. I love what I'm doing. It all started with that little brick.

- Aero

P. S. Some people want to read the old posts. But sadly, they're gone and become the lessons learned for me.

P. P. S. I'm Not Your Guru is one of my favorite documentaries. And I used to actually work for a Guru who's rooted in my hometown before I had the little brick. It's another amazing working experience, so I wrote about it too: The Game.

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