The Proven Pathway to Master JavaScript

A few months ago, I set a goal to master JavaScript. I wanted to be able to use my brain, instead of Google, when I was coding with JavaScript.

I still use Google to help me code, but probably 70% less than I used to.

This is because I can read through the layers on top of the program. No matter which JavaScript framework I'm using, I can ascertain the syntax because of what I have learned.

It's like wearing x-ray glasses. Everything you see is naked!

Do you want that same feeling? Here's what I did to develop this ability:

I learned from the best.

The best is Derek Sivers. His article is here: How to Learn JavaScript.

I learned the hard way.

I learned basic JavaScript first. Then I built a project with JavaScript frameworks.

I followed Derek’s suggestions. I read books in the order Derek suggested, created Anki flashcards, reviewed them for 30 days, and made the knowledge stick. I practiced my new skills using the provided exercises.

I learned by doing.

I built this project. The code is on my GitHub here.

All of this training took four months; one month for reading, creating the flashcards, reviewing them and doing the examples in the books; and three months for coding a project.

Along the way, I reread the books again and again. Along the way, I refactored the code again and again. This is a path everyone can follow.

The hardest part was to learn basic JavaScript first. There was a huge temptation to pretend to know JavaScript when I only had the JavaScript frameworks.

Want to master JavaScript?

How to Learn JavaScript by Derek Sivers is my recipe for success.

NOTE: After you take the hard way to learn basic JavaScript, highly suggest you to check out The World's Best JavaScript Courses & Tutorials in 2019 curated by Michael Kuhlman

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