Moment of Life or Death for Aero Wong LLC?! Caused By the HSBC?!

Moment of Life or Death for Aero Wong LLC?! Caused By the HSBC?!

Hong Kong, Mar 23, 2024 - Hong Kong legislators make history, passing Article 23 domestic national security bill nearly 27 years after returning to China. A week later, I filed the annual report for Aero Wong LLC with my HSBC credit card on the official website of Commonwealth of Kentucky and the payment failed.

All of my business activities are operated based on legal legitimacy. I have been paying the annual report fee with the same credit card for years. The failed payment was unprecedented. I was frustrated. I wrote an email to the Secretary of State at to ask why. The reply was:

Our security has been improved and the information must be exact with the banks information. Somewhere it’s detecting a mismatch on the information.

Is it a coincidence?

I'm not sure. I'm not a government official at the Security Bureau in HKSAR or the Department of the Treasury in the United States. I'm just a blockchain developer and a startup owner. I can only share with you all things technical and my first-hand experience dealing with a bank.

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