Natalie Chan

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Natalie Chan is the Founder and CEO at OWN Academy.

Growing up in Hong Kong, Natalie never knew what she wanted to be in the future. Instead, she took an unconventional path to begin her self-discovery journey. Through this process, she learned that success in the real world requires a specific set of attitudes, self-awareness, skills, and network.

In 2016, she founded OWN Academy with a mission to bring purpose into learning and unlock human potential, by bringing industries experts into classrooms and connecting the most creative and innovative students to the most progressive companies in the world. Her goal is to help students find their own direction through exposure to modern industries and inspiring mentors, provide 21st century skills training, and offer exclusive internship opportunities.

As a result of these remarkable and diverse achievements, she was selected as the Cartier Women's Initiative Fellow, becoming one of the 50 young leaders, representing Asian youths to attend the 49th World Economic Forum Annual meeting.

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