Marc Abraham

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Starting his career as a corporate lawyer, Marc made the transition into digital technology initially as a project manager and then as product manager. Marc has been managing products for the last 8 years, working on a range of successful digital products/services, at companies such as 7digital, carwow, YouView, Not on the High Street, WorldFirst and currently serves as the Chief Product Officer at Settled.

He works closely with organisers of all our ProductTank meetups in over 150 cities around the world to ensure deliver the highest quality events for a the world's largest community of product people. In his current role, he’s the Senior Group Product Manager at Intercom, the engagement OS, the all-in-one customer communications platform.

After the success of his first book “My Product Management Toolkit”, Marc started to devote his focus to the emotional aspects of product management, writing and talking about his personal experiences in managing product tension.

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