Julien Breteau

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Julien Breteau is my accountability for years. In our weekly accountability calls, we rarely celebrate wins. Because the so-called wins are just promises we’ve made to ourselves we’re supposed to keep. We checked off the small wins and just moved on to some new goals set in every single week. Our goals set are always something very personal and controllable, something we have absolute control over. Such as habit formation or any action we could take, whether we floss our teeth before bed. Or had we sent an email to successful people to solicit useful advice.

This is the first time we made our conversation public. We talk about accountability in the context of personal development. We also talk about Julien’s exceptional adaptability in career movement. He’s by all means a top performer in career advancement. He had career transition from industry to industry multiple times and made it to the top in a few short years every time, from TV production working on some of the biggest shows in the world including Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, to working as the Head of Operations for an international insurance company, to becoming the Chief Digital Officer at one of the most recognized blockchain companies in Asia, Intrepid Technology. In his current role, he’s the sales and marketing lead at Shopanova, the go-to agency for scaling e-commerce stores.

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