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Tim Chan is the Product Design Lead at HSBC. A design mentor. Also, a podcaster.

Tim was born and raised in Hong Kong with a BS in Mathematics & Statistics. Before he became a designer, he had a corporate job in a telecommunication company. He became interested in UX when the company wanted to create an app to help customers pay their bills and track data usage. It was a very fun project for him and he was exposed to the term “User Experience” for the first time.

He then began running down the rabbit hole to learn more about UX. He self-taught himself UX by reading tons of books, and also joined a part-time UX course from the General Assembly.

He applied the knowledge he learned and created a portfolio based on the app project he was working on. After a lot of rejections, he eventually landed my first design job in a San Francisco-based SaaS start-up called Vyond where he met his wife.

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