Peace of Chain

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On the podcast, I get to talk to some of the greatest entrepreneurs, innovators, and top performers in the world, including Carlos Gonzalez de Villaumbrosia, Karena Belin, Sheldon Li, Blair Reeves, Radhika Dutt, etc.

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Season 3: All things FinTech, including CBDC. With All things Blockchain, including NFT Gaming and Marketing

Shaddow Music - The First Musician who Writes the Song: Bitcoin Billionaire, and His Upcoming Netflix Show

Cindy Zhang - Why the Most Interconnected Pan-Asian VC Invests in NFT

Derek Gorthy - Engage with Your Fans on the Web 3 Engagement Platform, Sell Your Artwork, and Receive Royalty Payments Directly. No Technical Knowledge Needed.

Matt Lobel - The Core of Blockchain Gaming is to: Have Fun. Play-To-Earn is just a Secondary Feature the Traditional Gaming World Doesn't Have

Chris Zhu - The Gamer's Paradise and Your Soul Mate with a Soul Chip: Mirror NFT

Ben O'Hanlon - The Marketing Protocol Redefined in Web 3. Competitors Can't Copy Communities.

Richard Turrin - Digital Currency Revolution is Taking Place Not Only in China. Embrace CASHLESS with CBDC.

Dr. Lawrence Ma - e-HKD White Paper, CBDC, Hong Kong Monetary Authority, and Fintech 2025

Kevin L. Jackson - Cloud Computing, Blockchain, Global Supply Chain Are Not Standalone Topics

William Glass - Jack Ma is Spot On, The Beauty of a Non-Technical Founder

Season 2: Tech-Based Businesses Exploration

Alfonso Fiore - The Product Management Philosophy, Shaped by a Career across Accenture, Nokia, Amazon, Agoda, Grab, AirAsia, and HappyFresh

Morgan Pelissier - First European Smart Rocket Landing System, Sparkmate Mafia, Product-Team-As-A-Service, and the 25-Year-Old Millionaire

Leon Kuperman - No More Micromanaging Kubernetes Clusters. Cut Your Cloud Bill in Half.

Ben Williams - Technical Product Management and SnykCon. But Not a Technical Episode.

Hamilton Le - What Knowledge-as-a-Service is, and How it Helps Your Enterprise Access, Build and Share Credible Human Expertise

Borget Sebastien - Blockchain Gaming with NFTs: Play, Create, Own, and Govern a Virtual World Made by Players

Jeanne Lim - The World's First Transmedia Company, and Zbee Your Friend, aka A.I. Being

Cristal Hui - There’s No Magic Wand in Data Management. The Low Level Data Knowledge Underneath the Surface You Need to Know.

Shameen Prashantham - Lessons from Microsoft and Other Corporations on Partnering with Startups

Jennifer Ong - Netflix-for-Fashion Wardrobe with Women who Claim has Nothing to Wear

Season 1: E-Commerce / Supply Chain / Technology

Fred Baumann - The Digital Brain of Your Enterprise

Jane Tierney - The Comprehensive Supplier Management

Ceren Süngü Kalpaklıoğlu - Monetize Your Luggage, Earn Money While Traveling

Budi Arifani, CCPS - How to Execute an Internal Supply Chain Audit to Reduce Operations Costs and Increase Competitive Advantages

Shishir Lahoti - Procurement from India: The Why, and How

Zera Zheng - Business is Achieved, when Black Swan Events are Eliminated from Your Supply Chain

Kyle Henderson - Why Does Your Organization Need to Have Simple APIs to Track International Ocean Freights

Albert Koto Indardyo - The DNA of a Supply Chain, How Smart Logistics Practices Evolve From the E-commerce Storefront

Briana Young - Dispute Resolution is First Thing to Handle, Before You Create An E-commerce Business

Davide Nicolucci - How Amazon is Changing the E-commerce in 2021

Erik Lund - Real-Time Visibility and IoT Tracking

Andrew McKeown - The Complete Log and Digital Highway for Your Supply Chain

Steve Finegan - Best Practices in Software Vulnerability Management to Help Businesses Protect their IT Environment from Security Breaches

Brian Laung Aoaeh - The World is a Supply Chain, and How A Man Connects the Entire World

Shishir Lahoti - The Self-Reliant India Mission

Alex Mitchell - The Expansion of the "E" in E-commerce: Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, with Venture Capital

Sheldon Li - The Problems We're Facing in the Supply Chain Industry, without a B2B Blockchain Payment Platform

Gillian Ng - Corporate Governance is the Art of Balancing the Interests of a Company's Stakeholders

Radhika Dutt - Being Vision-Driven, Instead of Iteration-Led

Tan Suan See - Enhance Your Supply Chain to Connect Business Outcome

Kang Liang Koh - A FinTech for SMEs to Save Money, and Customers Too

Karena Belin - The Hong Kong's First SFC Licensed Startup Investment Platform

Carlos Gonzalez de Villaumbrosia - Behind the Scene of Product School

Michelle Tan - Media Landscape is Always Changing. Do You Know?

Blair Reeves - Customer Intelligence, Explained

Michael Sacca - Looking into Design Discipline and Design Community

Sean Lee - The First Proof of Stake Blockchain Platform

Sheldon Li - How Supply Chain is Changing in Asia

Rob McGrorty - Global Manufacturing and Supply Chain Automation

Wilson Chan - How E-commerce is Changing in Asia

Karthik Vijayakumar - Being an Informational Product E-commerce Business Owner

Mike Belsito - How to Build Community to Enhance Customer Relationship

Ellen Chisa - The Evolution of Brand Management

Launch (Feb, 2021)

Sean Lee - Blockchain Integration to Scale Your E-commerce Business

Sheldon Li - Unearth the Real Issues Hidden from the Storefront to Scale Your E-commerce Business

Rob McGrorty - Supply Chain Effectiveness is the Robust Foundation to Scale Your E-commerce Business

Wilson Chan - Address the Pain Points of Your Customers to Scale Your E-commerce Business

Karthik Vijayakumar - 1-on-1 Interaction is the Secret Sauce to Scale Your E-commerce Business

Mike Belsito - Do Things Unscalable to Scale Your E-commerce Business when You just Start Off

Ellen Chisa - Really Understand Who Your Buyer Is to Scale Your E-commerce Business