Jeanne Lim

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Jeanne Lim is the Co-Founder and CEO of BeingAI. The world’s first transmedia AI being company creating autonomous virtual beings who build long-term engagement and trust with people anywhere, anytime, across devices and media platforms.

She’s also an angel investor, startup advisor, and career marketer. Dwelling in the intersection of business, yoga, spirituality, storytelling arts, and just living. 25 years experience in marketing technology products, including social robots, AI characters, and user experience-centric technology products; former CEO and CMO of Hanson Robotics, and co-creator of Sophia the robot. Marketing leadership roles at Apple, Dell, Cisco, 3Com, and Danaher. Ph.D. in integrated and holistic health, MBA from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, and BA in Psychology from the University of California, Berkeley. Amateur writer, photographer, and designer.

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